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Things I’ve done to my car while out of commission

- seatbelt harness
- wire tuck
- conversion harness install
- brake tuck
- stripped the engine bay
- removed a/c, ps, abs
- gutted the dash as much as possible
- replaced front lca bushings
- replaced front stabilizer links
- replaced outter tie rods
- karcepts 36mm hubs w/arp studs
- front sway bar bushings
- started to sand bay for paint
- prepped the k20 for install
- bought s2k CMC for cleaner bay
- stared at my rywire harness w/😍 emoji
-basically everything you can possibly do to the front and plus a kswap :)

Currently waiting on brake lines, and a few little oem Honda goodies, mostly plugs and dumb shit. I think that’s everything

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